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The 2016 Mead Cusa Cup Soccer Tournament has concluded!
WHEN: Sept 3-5, 2016
WHERE: Centerville, Ohio
FEES: 4v4: $500; 7v7: $560; 9v9: $660; 11v11: $705
Application deadline was: Sunday, Jul 31, 2016
PAY TO: Centerville United Soccer Association; ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE; P.O. Box 41607, Centerville, OH 45441
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees
Permission to Host/Sanctioning Form

2016 Mead CUSA Cup Champions

2016 Mead CUSA Cup Champions
September 07, 2016


September 05, 2016

2016 Committee Photo

The 2016 Committee photo
August 01, 2016


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2016 Mead CUSA Cup Champions
September 07, 2016
A listing of both champions and finalists for the 2016 Mead CUSA Cup, along with their clubs and coaches, are listed by clicking here.

The champions for each division are listed below. The full results of all the games are above in the Teams, Schedules and Scores menu.

Division Champion Team Name
B097v7FiveStar Nationals Macomb 08 Black
B097v7Gold Columbus East FC
B107v7FiveStar Cincinnati United Arsenal
B107v7Gold Team Challenger FC 07 Black
B119v9FiveStar KHA U11 Red
B119v9Gold Team Challenger FC 06 Black
B119v9Silver 06 SCFC
B129v9FiveStar CUP 05 Gold
B129v9Gold CUSA Crew SC U12B Gold
B129v9Silver BU Academy 05B
B1311v11FiveStar Lexington Football LFC White 04B
B1311v11Gold Fury
B1311v11Silver Santos Arsenal
B1411v11FiveStar Lexington FC 2003 Boys White
B1411v11Gold Ohio Extreme SC North 03/04 Boys
B1511v11Fivestar CUP 02 Gold Boys
B1511v11Gold TVSA Santos Barcelona
G097v7FiveStar BSA Celtic 08 White
G107v7FiveStar Celtics 07 White
G107v7Gold Medina classics green
G119v9FiveStar CUP 06 SOUTH
G119v9Gold U11 OESA Academy (2006)
G129v9FiveStar CUP 05 North
G129v9Gold Kolping SC Orange G05
G129v9Silver TFA Gold GU12
G1311v11FiveStar CUP 04 Gold
G1311v11Gold TSC Forza 04
G1311v11Silver Alliance/CESC 04 Girls Orange
G1411v11FiveStar CUP 03 Gold
G1411v11Gold Nationals Genesee 03 Girls Black
G1411v11Silver Nationals Union 03 Girls White
G1511v11Fivestar CUP 02 Gold
G1511v11Gold Cleveland Cobras

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September 05, 2016
The 2016 Mead CUSA Cup Committee would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that helped us celebrate Labor Day weekend and our 37th Annual Tournament. We have been truly blessed with talented athletes, supportive and patient families and spectators and beautiful weather. Our hope is your athletes were able to build on their skills, make some great memories and feel like winners whether they are taking home hardware or not. Regardless of the game outcome, we witnessed some amazing soccer across The Ankeny Complex all weekend. Safe travels, have a great season and if we can answer any follow-up questions please drop us a message a www.cusacup.com.

Yours in soccer,
2016 Mead CUSA Cup Committee

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2016 Committee
August 01, 2016

Front Row (left to right): Susie Rudolph, Lisa Biederman, Duane Gilkison, Mitch Biederman, Mike Kroger, Julie McWilliams, Tammy Sundermann, Lisa Apt, Yolandi Bresler, Kim Gramke
Back Row (left to right): Sarah Umbreit, Frank Kuhns, Rob Rudolph, Doug Niekamp, Laura Bean, Anthony McWilliams, Terry Paulus, Kevin Novak, Scott Stackhouse, Jim Nock
Not Pictured: Kristy Baird, Jenny Bruce, Amanda Buring, Matt Morgann, Steve Thomas, Danielle Stackhouse, Matt Sundermann, Craig Salmon-Gilmore, Wichert de Wit, Derrick Ayers

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Mead Cusa Cup Soccer Tournament
Rob Rudolph, Tournament Director P.O. Box 41607 Centerville, OH 45441
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