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Frequently Asked Questions

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What forms are required to register my team?
If registering under USYSA, you must provide:
1. Copy of your original State Approved Roster
2. Validated Player Pass Cards, both rostered players and guest players
3. Validated Coaches Pass Card - Maximum of three.
4. Valid Coaches Concussion Certificate
5. Completed Tournament Liability Form which must list all players, including guest players, and be signed by a parent or guardian
6. Approved Travel Permit if outside of Ohio South except for US Club Soccer
7. Guest Player Roster approved and validated by the state in which the player is registered
8. Lindsay's Law forms for all players.

We do not require medical forms, but strongly encourage you to have current forms on hand with the coach for all players.

If registering under US Club Soccer affiliation, you must provide:

1. Copy of your USCLUB approved roster
2. Validated Player Pass Cards
3. Validated Coaches Pass Card - Maximum of three.
4. Valid Coaches Concussion Certificate
5. Completed Tournament Liability Form which must list all players, and be signed by a parent or guardian
6. Lindsay's Law forms for all players.

We do not require medical forms, but strongly encourage you to have current forms on hand with the coach for all players.
What is the Division ranking order for this years tournament?
The Platinum division (replaces FiveStar) is the highest, followed by Gold and Silver
Are medical forms required?
It is not required to present a medical form for each player at registration. We do STRONGLY suggest that medical forms, that specifically authorize medical treatment, for each player be carried by the coach at all times.
How do I get the required forms?
Once your team has been accepted, you will be able to log in using your team ID number (starts with CUSACUP####) and download the forms using the "Get forms" box. If you need duplicate forms, you should log in to your team application using your TEAM ID NUMBER and you will see a box labeled "Get Duplicate Forms" under the header Team Acceptance Status Information. When you click on that box a screen with the form links will appear.
How is registration completed?
Registration is completed electronically. Registration materials should be emailed to or
Do we have to fill out the Participant Release/ Waiver form?

No forms, no play.
We want to bring Guest Players, where can we get a Guest Player Roster form?
If you are from Ohio South go the forms section of our website and click on Guest Player Roster which will link you to the OSYSA website. Click on the "e-Forms" tab and select the Guest Player Roster Form to fill out.

Non Ohio South teams should use their own State Association's Tournament Guest Player Roster Form and have it approved/validated by your state association. Please make sure to allow plenty of time to do this and note that some state associations charge a fee for the guest player.

If you have additional questions, please email us at
When will we find out if our team has been accepted?
We expect to send team acceptance letters/emails on or before August 3rd. Once the majority of accepted teams have confirmed their participation we will provide a list of accepted teams from a link on our website's home page.
Are pets allowed at tournament sites?
No, pets are not permitted at any of our field complexes. Individuals bringing pets to the venues will be asked to leave.
Has my team been accepted?
Teams are notified via email of their acceptance in early August. Once a majority of accepted teams confirm their participation with us, we will publish a list of accepted teams by division at our website (Look for the drop down menu on the left side of the screen and click on "See Teams")
How can I get a copy of your USYSA Application to Host Form?
Please check our web page on the left hand side of the page under the Coaches Heading, Application to Host Form. This is a PDF form that can be printed and mailed in to your State Association. Teams with 12 or more rostered players may only have 3 Guest Players maximum.
My team has an excellent record, so why can't we be in the Platinum (top) Division?
With over 40 State Cup Champions and almost 20 State Cup Runnerups in the U12, U13, & U14 Age Groups you can clearly see that the level of competition is extremely high. This occasionally means a few teams are surprised when they are not in the Platinum Division. The Tournament Committee does an extensive review of the applications we receive, and seed teams based predominantly on their performance record occasionally geographical diversity factors in). Although you may not agree with our assessment, we assure you that we try to give it our best possible effort based on the information that was submitted by each team.
We are not a USYSA Registered Team, what do we need to register?
All teams must be USSF affiliated (USYSA or US CLUB Soccer members) or have USSF approval for travel. The materials to bring to registration include the following:
1) Two(2) copies of your Official Roster (maximum # players as permitted by our rules). The Roster should contain birth dates of all players. One copy will be kept on file and the other copy will be stamped as Tournament Approved and must be kept with you for review by the Field Marshall. The Roster submitted at Registration will be the Official Tournament roster and may not be altered during the Tournament. Note that players are only allowed to play for one team.
2) Player Passes (identification cards) for each player (and Guest Player if applicable) complete with photo identification and birth date. If you have copies of Birth Certificates please bring them - although not required, its always a good idea to have.
3) Approved Travel Permit (if required by your Association).
4) Guest Player Roster approved by the appropriate state association (if applicable).
7. Lindsay's Law forms for all players
Where do I mail the fees?
An address to mail has been supplied on your application ticket, which you should include with your check. It makes it more certain that we will be able to track and match your application and payment. At mimimum, you should include your TEAM ID NUMBER (MEAD CUP##########) with your check.

Please mail to: CUSA / Mead Cup Soccer Tournament ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE
P.O. Box 41607, Centerville, OH 45441
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Do I have to use the Tournament's Housing service?
You must stay in an approved Tournament Hotel. Click on the HOTELS tab to be directed to the hotel links.

Note that some hotels offer 1 night minimum but most require 2 nights (Fri and Sat night).
Must we stay 2 nights if the hotel requires a 2 night minimum?
Many of the most popular hotels know that there is enough demand for them to require a Fri and Sat night stay. They also understand that teams who promise to stay Sat and Sun nights instead of Fri and Sat nights are likely to check out early so they won't accept this option from a team.
If you are not positive you will stay Fri and Sat nights you should not select hotels that require the Fri/Sat two-night minimum
What are the addresses for the fields?
ANKENEY SOCCER COMPLEX (ANK): 635 S. Orchard Lane Beavercreek OH 45434
What are the addresses of the fields? I'm trying to choose a hotel and would like to know where the hotel is in relation to the playing fields.
635 S. Orchard Lane
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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